January 29, 2020

Is Attraction Marketing A New Thing?

Ah, NO! It’s enjoyable when network marketers or MLMers start throwing around a phrase as if they invented it, it makes me laugh. Like most of what so-called network marketing trainers teach Attraction Marketing or The Law of Attraction has been around for millennia.

The real name for attraction marketing is – drum roll – The Law of Growth. An ancient law that at its core is so simple. That which you think about or that which you tend to will grow. Good or bad, remember that.

Living on the amazing island of Kauai is certainly a tremendous lesson in growth.  It never stops here and better even than that is there is no way one could stop it.

It’s known as the Garden Isle because Kauai is so lush and green. So there is growth everywhere all the time. And attraction marketingaccording to Wallis D. Wattles if we are not growing we can’t be happy. As a result, I love the Law of Growth.

What’s the point?

What you think about grows.  Accordingly, if you think, “Oh this prospect is going to say they don’t have the money to join.” What do you believe will happen if that’s what you’re thinking all the time. Or. “What if they ask me if it’s Amway?” LOL I do love that one! Or in your little brain, you’re thinking, “She’s going to say she doesn’t have the time, I know she’s so busy.”

Listen to me now! The Law of Growth is indisputable! What you think about grows. Famous Mary Kay quote, “If you think you can’t, you’re right.” Duh…

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attraction marketing
attraction marketing

So, let me ask you, what do you believe you should be thinking about? Dats right! See them joining up, see them getting the product, loving the product, see their peeps joining – see your group exploding!

That’s it! that’s all you’ve got to do to be an expert at attraction marketing. Don’t spend any time or money on learning about The Law of Attraction or Attracting Marketing it’s all bullshit. Think it all the time and make it happen, simple as that.

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