February 2, 2021

Embark On You're Own Hero's Journey

How To Embark On Your Own Hero’s Journey

Have you heard the phrase “sheepeople”? You get it right? Sheepeople don’t know how to embark on their own hero’s journey.

Courage is the number one ingredient to learn how to embark on your own hero’s journey. And we all know that heroes have courage.

Here is the dictionary 1. definition (always use a dictionary). hero noun – a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities. Also, Maya Angelou said anyone who tries to change their world is a hero,

Who me a hero? Is the number one phrase that unfortunately trips some people up. Sadly most people don’t see themselves a hero’s but as you can see from the above sentence they are on their own hero’s journey they just don’t know it.

What can you do today to take your first step on your hero’s journey?  Well, I give you one. Head over to MasterKeyExperience.com and subscribe for your 7-day Mental Diet! That alone will change a life.

Here’s a Little Background

Joseph Campbell the author of “Hero With A Thousand Faces” among many other incredible books teaches us we are all heroes in our own lives and here is a great example of a Master Key Experience 26-week course member. Nicole Sikora wrote an excellent blog about her own hero’s journey. Check it out here if you’re interested in being a new person with a new life.

Each week I find a great blog for you to investigate and see if this course may be something that could help you fulfill your deepest desires so here you go Click Here Now and check it out.

Mahalo for reading my blog!

Embark On You're Own Hero's Journey

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