January 13, 2021

Think and grow rich

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Napoleon Hill’s masterpiece Think and Grow Rich is a big part of the Master Key Experience.  One of my favorite parts of the 26 week Master Key Experience is when members enjoy and/or embrace this book.  Although this prolific author insists it’s not a book to read but an experience to live.

This Week’s Featured Blog

Our featured blog, we feature one of the MKE member blogs each week on the Sunday webinar, this week is Linda Slaughter. One of the reasons we featured this blog was her honesty! Or to quote Robert DeNiro in the movie Analyze This, “The Fu^%*ing honesty”.

Charles Haanel, the author of The Master Key Experience states that one of the most unrecognized challenges for humans is their inability to discover their own true interests.

All the polarity, anger, cruelty, unhappiness on and on and on in our world is due to this fact. People just don’t know what makes them happy or bring them joy.  Very few humans know how to find and follow their bliss. So as Thoreau says, “most people live lives of quiet desperation”, so sad.

Think And Grow RichLinda has recognized this and now because of the course knows how to find it! You definitely want to share her experience, strength, and hope so check out Linda’s blog here.

There are so many Master Key Experience members who are experiencing similar breakthroughs here is another one for you to peruse so you can get what these people are experiencing. Some for the first time. They now have the tools to discover the riches in Think And Grow Rich.

Here is another hero’s journey you can check out

If you want more info on how you to can start your life-changing adventure just go to The Master Key Experience for all the info and get on the early notification list for next year’s class.

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Think and Grow Rich

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  • Thanks so much for linking my blog Davene. I appreciate all you do each week to help us reach our full potential as independent thinkers. I love #TheMasterKeyExperience.

  • I love this pic of you with King! You can tell by how he’s looking at you that he’s counting on you to feed the inquiring mind he’ll have growing up with you and Mark in his life! What a blessed kid!

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