October 10, 2019

How Can 1 Year Change Everything – MKE Week 1

When I began getting really geared up for this year’s Master Key Experience class, it hit me how can 1 year change everything because I spend a lot of time on social media and creating promotional material.

In my pursuit of something that would be eye-catching and attract attention I saw a picture that one of our social media people had posted and I loved it here it is, that’s the Amazing Sarah Horne.Master Key Experience Grad

As a result, I asked our fantastic Master Key Experience Certified Guides if they would like me to make a similar picture for them and the response was off the charts they all wanted one.

That was thrilling for me that these wonderful people would be so excited to help us promote the course. A year ago alot of them were Master Key Experience members themselves and now they are willing to put themselves out there and say this is the best thing they ever did.  How can 1 year change everything well if you take the course you’ll find out.

Check me out a year ago and see what you think a year can do.

But for those of you not ready here is a little taste for ya try this for a few days and see:

So the first Law of The Mind – Law of Substitution is pretty simple but not always easy.   Ok, so here’s what I do.
There was this one time that was a really great moment in my life, warm and loving where I felt great love and very loved.  Can you think of a moment in time like that…?  Maybe a reunion after a long time away from a loved one, or someone surprised you with an amazing gift, maybe you witnessed some wonderful event that just brings that joy and love into your heart.  Or maybe it was something really funny and you still laugh when you think of it.  Hold a picture you love of someone or a pet you miss that you were so close to that whenever you think of them you can feel that great feeling.  You get the idea.
OK, so etch that in your mind.  Think about it all the time, 10, 15, 20 times a day when you wake up and when you lay your head down.  Etch it in your mind.
Now, when you’ve got it really clear, this is the thought you are going to use whenever a negative thought or thing comes into your life.
Shoo away that nasty negative thought, that annoying person, the inconsiderate person in line in front of you.  That amazingly rude person who cut you off when you were driving.   Your boss being a jerk.  Your spouse hurting your feelings.   Let that, whatever it is, go and bring up your beautiful etching.  Think of that instead.
Plus, if you’re able to think of this positive, funny, memorable moment in less than 7 seconds, then you keep your mental diet on track.  Pretty nifty, right?!  We hope this first tool is one of many to help you.
That is the amazing Law of Substitution.
Aloha & Mahalo on the amazing journey you’re about to take.
And Share this blog on all your social media, please! Let’s make the world better one person at a time.

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