October 21, 2019

greatest discovery he can share

Master Key Experience Week 3 found a great resource for me in a blog that I read.

Part of my responsibilities as a facilitator of the Master Key Experience is to find a featured blog each week. As a result, just read a great blog.

Master Key Experience members are required to blog one time a week as part of their PIF scholarship requirements and I get to read them.  One of our MKE Certified Guides sends me a blog they think is particularly good and nominate that blog to be featured on the Sunday webinar.  One of our great guides, Maria, sent me this one so I just read a great blog.

Here it is go check it out.

Reading these is a blessing in so many ways. Identification, fellowship, masterminding with like-minded people the list goes on.  They enrich my life as this blog that I just read did.

This is my last blog it wasn’t, unfortunately, week 2, I’m behind and missed a week.  Someone let me down now I have to pick up their work.  Am I using that as an excuse for not getting my work done?  It sounds like the American dream.  Not my fault it’s the politicians, racism, poverty, etc. But it’s not it’s a lack of self-directed thinkers. So many of us blame others for our lives our misfortunes our troubles when in truth is all our responsibility.

If I hired this person so it’s my responsibility to take on their work if they don’t do the work. Thus I am going to gladly.  My choice is to see this as a blessing and take it on with relish.

So when I just read a great blog. I was reminded of that blessing. I GET to do this work. I GET to do it. Lucky me!

Since I just read a great blog there was an excellent reference to a Joe Dispenza book and that led me to this little short video that I love.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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