January 22, 2021

word power

Master Key Experience Week 17 Word Power

When I read the verse in The Master Key System by Charles Haanel that states, words are the highest form of architecture and the passport to success, there was an epiphany.

Over the years reading lots of non-fiction, including a great book “Hung by the Tounge”, I have found this to be all too true.

And in the words of Cher, words are like weapons the wound sometimes. Being incredibly careful about what we let leave our mouth, or our fingers is not a skill many people possess these days.

What Word Power Means, Really

Your words have power but the great thing is you get to choose what you say, your word power.

Think before you speak is a saying for a reason, but also remember to think before you type too! Some of the heinous things one can read on social media are for me unnerving.  I must, unfortunately, admit I have also been guilty of letting my fingers fly in ways I wish I had not.

Also, don’t forget texts and emails. It seems like more and more words are flying without heed to how powerful words can be.

word powerAnd of course the old tried and true “you have 2 ears and only 1 mouth so listen twice as much as you speak”.  Although those odds are off if you ask me. This week’s featured blog by Shirley is a great reminder, shut it! Hopefully, I have given you enough reasons to check out Shirley’s blog and to keep it shut!

It should be, listen like 1000 times more the I speak.

Mahalo Shirley – Check out the Word Power Blog today!

And last week the amazing Linda wrote a white-hot blog check it out.


word power

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