July 24, 2021

greatest discovery he can share

One really nice day on Kauai my husband Mark, also known as The World’s Laziest Networker, and I were shooting videos for our Thoughtful Thursdays and Teaching Tuesday video series of free content and advice for our customers and members that we appreciate so much.

Here’s the greatest discovery he can share

World-famous Napali Coast of Kauai

As he was finishing one of the videos we were creating a thought occurred to me. So later on the way home, I asked him, “If there was one discovery you could share what would be the greatest discovery you can share? He thought a minute and said, “Ok, got it this is the number one greatest discovery he can share.” Then Mark almost jumped from the Jeep saying something like stop, stop we gotta shoot this now! Here it is.

The #1 greatest discovery he can share is so simple but not easy

You’re going to agree with that headline after you finish reading this and go and get your 7-Day Mental Diet and get on the road to the life you desire. Not what society tells you that you desire but what your heart is whispering to you. Or maybe you are one of the lucky ones whose heart screams so loud you can’t hear anything else. You know those people. Driven, focused always has lots going on and getting things achieved. I know those types because I married one and both my daughters get things done for sure.

Me no, I’m not like that. Supporting the driven ones that’s my bag. I delight in being able to help those I love get what they desire in their lives. Learning that is and was an enormous blessing. Becoming aware of my gifts and being able to share them to create a better world to live in.

The need for self-directed thinkers has never been more urgent. To save ourselves, the people we love, or even those we don’t so much, and the entire planet. That is why I share the #1 greatest discovery with you.

So what’s so simple it might even be easy? The ancestor or everything, EVERYTHING is thought. That’s it. My belief is that this concept is so simple yet so so deep it’s hard for people, in general, to live by this simple axiom. Stop here and think really think, which most people never do so your in the minority here, think about it – the ancestor of everything is thought. This is the number 1 greatest discovery I can share too.

Here is the ‘might be easy’ part. This means without a doubt that everything in your life, your home, your family, your health, job, financial situation, etc, etc, etc. All of it was first a thought and guess what, YOU thought it.

Every single circumstance in your life was first a thought in your mind. THen you thought it again and again and again and again for years maybe and finally, your subconscious decided to believe it, and voila you got it. Oh and btw no need to dispute this the evidence is overwhelming at this point. Let alone the fact that science had just confirmed what illuminated ones have been spouting for centuries – that’s right centuries.

Good or bad, wanted it or not if you think about it, whatever it is, long enough and with feelings attached you’re guaranteed to get it.

What do you have that you no longer desire or what do you desire that you don’t have – here’s the only way to get it. Subscribe over there on the right and get on your 7-Day Mental Diet today.

Nothing and no one gets you there faster than you can.

Mahalo in advance for sharing my fantastic blog with all your contacts so you can help them progress to more fun and intimacy in their life.

The Fabulous Davene

greatest discovery he can share

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The Fab Davene

President and CEO of Training Solutions, LLC Davene has successfully run this lucrative training company for over 20 years. Subscribe for the 7-Day Mental Diet and get started on your new life.

  • “Our whole life is an absolute blueprint of the beliefs we have… Not what we say we believe, not what we think we believe, not what we tell others…” SOOOOO Good and so true!!! So, when we really take that in and realize that, how do we change those underlying beliefs? MKE Course! (Just around the corner) Great post, thank you!!!

  • I could picture you two so clearly as Mark says to stop the jeep, get out, and record a video of THE ONE DISCOVERY! I love how you say that that one discovery–that it all starts with a thought–happens again and again again and then the thought becomes real. Thank you for your heartfelt sharing, Davene!

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