January 1, 2021

enjoy the journey

Master Key Experience Week 14 – Enjoying The Journey

I enjoyed the honesty of Andrew’s blog from Week 12. It’s easy to enjoy all the MKE journeys and love sharing them here on my blog. Enjoying the journey is what life is all about.

This week I chose Andrew Whitehead’s because of his honesty as well as insight in sharing what is happening for him on the incredibly powerful Master Key Experience 26 week life-changing and life-improving course.

As we all embark on the 2nd half of enjoying the journey, with the Master Key Experience I’m thrilled and excited to be able to share all the incredible changes that are happening for everyone.  The awareness, the epiphanies, the growth, and the sheer fun of discovering our true golden selves! Also the sheer joy of watching those we care so deeply about experiencing a self renovation for the new year 2010 and enjoying the journey.

Last week I shared another great journey so check that one out too! Darcy Laniuk’s Week 12 Blog

There are so many Master Key Experience members enjoying breakthroughs and Darcy is no exception. If you finally want to make those changes and improvements in your life and stop living a life of quiet desperation, as our good friend and famous naturalist Henry David Thoreau points out most people are doing. No more for the graduates, life members, guides, staff and existing members of the MKE!

Aloha & Mahalo dear reader for your open-mindedness and searching for a better life!


Enjoy the journey



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  • […] Second, over the many years of running The Master Key Experience, I have found that people from outside the United States tend to be more open-minded and ready to go on their own global hero’s journey. No offense to Americans but that’s just what I have found over the years of doing this 26-week course. So it’s the global heroes journey we are all on this year! Here is another hero’s journey you can check out Andrew Whitehead. […]

  • Thanks Davene. You and Mark, the MKE and all those I have met thru the MKE have really made me realize how human we can be. I love listening to everyone who shares and this year I have had the opportunity to listen all the way to the end on most. That has made the biggest difference. Thanks and again for all you do!

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