January 8, 2021

global heroes journey

Aloha and Welcome to this week’s Global Hero’s Journey

global heroes JourneyWe are all on a Global Hero’s Journey during the Master Key Experience. As you may or may not know Joe Campbell coined or invented the idea of The Hero’s Journey.  The second half of the Master Key Experience is just that a Hero’s Journey to finding our own inner greatness and power. More importantly how to express these newfound skills in our lives thus becoming heroes in our own lives.

This Week’s Global Hero

Hiram Mineshima is a fantastic example of a man determined to become his golden hero self. See his amazing journey here

You may find the answers to your many life questions by doing a little investigation into humans who are actually changing their lives, the lives of those they love, and who knows what ripple effect it could have on friends, coworkers, etc that list goes on and on!?

So why do I write Global Hero’s Journey?

A couple of reasons, first the group of other members that is Hiram’s tribe we call is, are called the Global Heroes as these amazing people are from all over the globe. Hawaii, Australia, Sweden, Washington State – all around the globe. I love that about this amazing adventure we call The Master Key Experience, we have so many members on their own global hero’s journey.

Second, over the many years of running The Master Key Experience, I have found that people from outside the United States tend to be more open-minded and ready to go on their own global hero’s journey. No offense to Americans but that’s just what I have found over the years of doing this 26-week course. So it’s the global heroes journey we are all on this year! Here is another hero’s journey you can check out Andrew Whitehead.

If you want more info on how you to can start your life-changing adventure just go to The Master Key Experience for all the info and get on the early notification list for next year’s class.


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