December 23, 2020

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One 50 Minute Session Proved His True Purpose In Life

One of the very best things about facilitating the Master Key Experience 26-week course is that we get to share some of the incredible benefits of Self Directed Thinking.  Here is the latest in the long, long line of MKE members who has proved his true purpose in life. Who is ‘he’? Read on!

After last Sunday’s exercise Darcy Laniuk, a Master Key Experience member states that he has truly found is true purpose in life. I wonder how many people can say that about their lives. Not as many as one would think.  Most people are floundering and have no idea why they are on the planet and are not spending any time trying to find out.

Each week we feature a blog that has been written by one of the spectacular Master Key Experience members who has become a self-directed thinker.

Watching and sharing the growth of the MKE members is a great joy but what is even better is knowing that their lives are improving, healthy growth is happening. One of the greatest blessings of my life.

Proved His True Purpose In LifeYou want to do yourself a favor and check out Darcy Laniuk’s Week 12 Blog

Here is a quote and you want to know the rest of the story, “I love the change of mindset that I have encountered in 12 weeks. Things that use to get on my nerves or upset me now are just water off a duck’s back..”

Mahalo for a great blog Darcy! And Click here to see another amazing blog post and find out if living a life on purpose with purpose is something you are interested in Check Out John Harris Journey

Aloha from Kauai!


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